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I don’t have a clear answer when somebody asks me why I shoot film. It’s the combination of my job in front of computer, together with slowness of it, required focus and also how the images feel like. For my personal work, I shoot only on film, recently moving more into instant photography. I like the feeling of the whole process, and giving each frame a purpose makes me consider my images more carefully. I’m inclined to shoot black&white, because only there I’m currently able to control the whole process, but I also like the mystery of color film photography, which involves waiting for the images to be processed in local lab.

The key is the

Different approach

Everybody says that when working with film they have to slow down. I wouldn’t say that. You can still shoot 8 frames per second on film if you like, and with modern film cameras you can rely just on autofocus, auto metering and such. You can shoot the same way you shoot with digital. For me the key is less stress. I press the shutter, knowing my composition and exposure, and that’s it. I can’t look at the screen, searching for inperfections. The shot was taken and it’s over. When using digital camera, people often forget about the subject and are looking into the camera too much, trying the same pose ten times. It’s sure that they will get the best possible picture, which will be better than mine, but did they (and the subject) experienced the same calmness? I guess not, at least I’m not.

Analog Photography


Film photography is not for everybody, and I’m yet to find customer wanting the work to be done exclusively on film. I’m already using analog cameras together with digital during the shoots, and people looks more calm and less stressed when I approach them with small vintage camera instead of professionally looking workhorse.

A lot of young people are coming back to analog photography nowadays, trying to mimic what Instagram of other photo services offer. I would like to share my knowledge both through this blog, but also doing personalised workshops for people interested in the process of developing the photos.
I agree that everything you need to know is already on any “analog photography” youtube channel, but the personal approach and knowledge share between the group of people is something special.